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Karnac is one of the few remaining independent publishers in the U.K. Having begun publishing psychoanalytic texts in the 1970s, they continue to be the leading psychoanalytic publisher in Britain, dedicated to psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and related subjects such as organizations, family, child, and adolescent studies.
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The Art of Inspired Living Sarah Corrie
"This is a highly recommended and valuable resource both for those seeking support for their self-coaching journey as well as professional and experienced coaches who will find in its pages much-needed inspiration and ideas to further develop their capacity to beneficially impact their clients’ lives."

- Dr Michael Worrell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Programme Director Post-Graduate Diploma in CBT , Royal Holloway University of London Central and North West London Foundation Trust
Key Concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis Dany Nobus
"By detailing the constitutive incompletion of the Lacanian project, the contributors have guaranteed the success of their book, that will remain a major reference for a long time to come."

- Joan Copjec, Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University