Lorrie L. Brubacher MEd, LMFT
Lorrie L. Brubacher MEd, LMFT is the Founding Director of the Carolina Center for EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). A certified trainer with the International Centre for Excellence in EFT (ICEEFT), she is an individual, couple and family therapist since 1989. She is also an adjunct at University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and has previously taught at several Canadian universities. She trains internationally and publishes frequently on the topic of EFT, often with its originator, Dr Sue Johnson. She co-developed EFT’s first interactive video training program.
Books by Lorrie L. Brubacher MEd, LMFT :
Key Ingredients of Change
336 pages, 6" x 9",
Paper: 978 1 78220 325 4
Price: $50.95
Published: October 2017