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Karnac is one of the few remaining independent publishers in the U.K. Having begun publishing psychoanalytic texts in the 1970s, they continue to be the leading psychoanalytic publisher in Britain, dedicated to psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and related subjects such as organizations, family, child, and adolescent studies.
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Freud's Lost Chord Dan Sapen
"I am dazzled by how well Sapen articulates the subtleties of the analytic process and its purposes, and into the nature, technical aspects, and multidimensional dynamics of improvisational music and their relevance to the question of emergent consciousness. Few if any writers in my experience have demonstrated
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- Lee Underwood, Musician and author; former West Coast USA editor of Downbeat; contributing journalist , Rolling Stone and The Los Angeles Times
Losing the Race David Gadd, Bill Dixon
"This is an informative, contextualized account of the problem of racist offenses. There is much to be considered here... I believe this book contains detailed and useful information about the problem of racist hate crime from the perspective of the offender in one place in the world."

- PsycCritiques