Systemic Desensitisation for Panic and Phobia
An Introduction for Health Professionals

Paper: 978 1 78220 579 1 / $24.95
Published: October 2017  

Publisher: Karnac Books
128 pp., 6" x 9"
Panic disorder and phobia are difficulties that are commonly encountered in our consulting rooms. There is less help at the present time from the NHS as a result of cutbacks in health care provision by the state. This book puts forward a different method of recovery than covered by the many books that are available on the subject. The author presents this method both as a former patient, and as a therapist of almost thirty years standing. It has been proven to be highly successful.

Having described the common physiological and psychological symptoms of panic disorder and phobia, the author then describes how the professional utilizes this method. Two extended case studies are also presented, one of agoraphobia, the other of driving phobia.

Whilst this book aims to appeal to counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists, it may also be useful for sufferers themselves to read and adopt this program of recovery.

Table of Contents:
About the Author

1) The symptoms of anxiety and fear
2) The fight or flight cycle
3) What is the fear of the fear cycle and how is it maintained?
4) The labels: anxiety states and phobias
5) Involving the general practitioner: the helpfulness and limitations of medications
6) Breathing and relaxation
7) The systematic desensitisation programme
8) Case study: using systematic desensitisation to recover from agoraphobia
9) Case study: using systematic desensitisation to recover from driving phobia
10) Cognitive interventions
11) Seeking help from counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists
12) Summary


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