The Marriage of Shamanic And Contemporary Psychology

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Published: October 2017  

Publisher: Karnac Books
304 pp., 6" x 9"
This book brings the wisdom of the ancient healing practice of shamanism together with the insights of contemporary psychology to provide an integrated approach to the treatment of traumatic symptoms.

"Soulfulness" has two historic shamanic roots: Mayan and Native American psychology – a psychology of Self – as expressed in the many aspects of the Medicine Wheel, the wheel of health and wholeness; and the Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval, as practiced in traditional societies throughout the world, notably the Tungus tribes of Siberia.

This book presents the ancient wisdom of shamanic theory and practice in a form which is fit for use within the mainstream of twenty-first century psychotherapeutic endeavor, including an extensive explanation of Shamanic Psychology and a practical description of the ceremonies of the Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval.

The book reflects on key aspects of contemporary psychological thinking – infant and adult attachment patterns, developmental trauma, the survival personality, imagination and dreams, the spiritual dimension in psychotherapy and counselling – and in extended discussion relates these subjects to the maps and models of Shamanic Psychology, the practice of Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval ceremonies, and the psychotherapeutic application of both.

The book brings everything together by offering a practical approach to the integration of psychotherapy and counselling practice with a present-day form of shamanic practice, when working with clients’ developmental trauma. The resulting marriage of shamanic and contemporary psychology and practice is called "Soulfulness." A counterpoint to the main text is a reflection on a Russian folktale "The Bold Knight, the Apples of Youth, and the Water of Life," which both implicitly reflects the shamanic landscape and has a powerful psychological resonance.

Table of Contents:
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Dedication and Acknowledgements
About the Author

1) What this book is about
2) Contemporary shamanism: traditional shamanism’s legacy
3) The Medicine Wheel: shamanic psychology
4) Attachment theory and shamanic psychology
5) Shamanic journey and soul retrieval ceremonies
6) Trauma and the wounded soul: perspectives
7) Trauma and the wounded soul: a soulfulness perspective
8) Approaches to the deep psyche: active imagination and dreams
9) Approaches to the deep psyche: soul retrieval
10) Psychotherapy and counselling with soul


Reviews & Endorsements:
"David England guides us through a wonderful weaving of shamanic wisdom and deep psychological understanding that powerfully builds a contemporary psychospiritual context. We thoroughly recommend this work to coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists who reach for “soulfulness” with their clients."
- Joan and Roger Evans, co-founders of the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London
"What we know as “psychotherapy” goes right back to the days of the shamans who did psychological and spiritual work as one contiguous whole. David England reconnects these seemingly disconnected fields in this excellent book, which presents a holistic view of the human and the world we live in."
- Leo Rutherford, MA (Psychology), shamanic practitioner, founder of Eagle’s Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism