Otho's Regret
The Four Emperors Series - Book III

Paper: 978 1 78220 266 0 / $21.95
Published: August 2017  

Publisher: Karnac Books
384 pp., 5 1/8" x 7 7/8"
Series: Karnac Library Series
Having spectacularly grabbed the Imperial throne by way of a very bloody coup, new emperor Otho is horrified to discover that there is an emperor already in place. His name is Aulus Vitellius and he is relaxing himself in Germania while his two generals, the twisted Valens and the handsome but dim Caecina, march two colossal armies to Rome to claim his prize.

With negotiations between the two emperors becoming ever more entertainingly abusive,imperial secretary Epaphroditus has his work cut out trying to save Otho’s throne for him. Hopelessly outnumbered, all looks doomed until a series of unexpected victories give hope to the beleaguered secretary. With the eastern legions declared for Otho and en route to help, all they have to do is stop Valens' and Caecina’s armies meeting.

Meanwhile, in Rome, a former palace slave, Antonia Caenis, has returned from Judaea with plans of her own…

This is Book 3 in the Four Emperors Series

Table of Contents:
Part I: Negotiations
Part II: War

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"L. J. Trafford takes us behind the scenes at the palace, revealing a vivid world of scheming slaves and conniving courtiers, with the occasional hapless innocent caught up in the action. Fast-moving, irreverent, and very funny, Otho’s Regret is a wild gallop down the corridors of Roman power."
- Ian Ross, bestselling author of the Twilight of Empire series
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