Coaching in Islamic Culture
The Principles and Practice of Ershad

Paper: 978 1 78220 199 1 / $40.95
Published: September 2017  

Publisher: Karnac Books
176 pp., 6" x 9"

Series: Professional Coaching Series
This book is the result of a collaboration between two authors who share a passion and commitment for coaching. Its aim is to enthuse readers and provide guidance about the appropriate use of coaching within Islamic culture. The intention is to provide a culturally relevant coaching framework for use in Islamic context, which allows Muslims to develop in ways that are aligned with their faith and traditions.

The complete coaching framework presented here is called Ershad.

Table of Contents:
About the authors
Series editor’s foreword

1) A brief history of coaching
2) Coaching in Islamic culture
3) Listening with purpose
4) Asking powerful questions
5) Summarizing and paraphrasing
6) Giving and receiving feedback
7) Ershad coaching framework
8) The Alignment Wheel
9) The coaching way of being
10) Conclusion
11) Case studies and personal stories


Reviews & Endorsements:
"This groundbreaking new text provides theoretical insights and practical ideas about the use of coaching in Islamic culture. Not only does it seek the inclusion of values and principles in coaching conversations, these become the very basis of coaching practice. It is essential reading for anyone interested in using coaching in a way that aligns with Islamic ethics and tradition."
- Nora Ann Colton, Deputy Vice Chancellor , University of East London