Besides Parents
Nannies, Maids, Grandparents, Siblings, School Teachers, Friends, Lovers, Mentors, Spouses and Children

Paper: 978 1 78049 022 9 / $37.95
Due: January 2018  

Publisher: Karnac Books
224 pp., 5 3/4" x 9"
In the emphasis upon the formative impact of the parent's attitudes and behaviors, it is often overlooked that a growing child draws psychic sustenance from other sources as well. Prominent among these are maids, nannies, grandparents, siblings, school teachers, childhood chums, and adolescent peers. Later as an adult, professional mentors, lovers, spouses, in-laws, and even one's children help consolidate, rework, and refine the intrapsychic world. Beside Parents elucidates these life-giving and life-sustaining relational scenarios and their subtle or not so subtle transferential re-creations in the clinical situation. A unique book about an under-examined topic.