The Geography of Meanings
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Place, Space, Land, and Dislocation

Foreword by Paul Williams
Paper: 978 1 905888 03 0 / $45.95
Published: June 2007  

Publisher: Karnac Books
256 pp., 5 7/8" x 8 7/8"
Series: IPA: The International Psychoanalysis Library

Reviews & Endorsements:
"This book is a multifaceted attempt to understand the psychological mysteries of land, space, native cultures, changing eras, and geographical dislocation. It shows us that many remote and seemingly peaceful areas of the world have their own dark and silent pasts in which their original inhabitants were often brutally decimated and those who remained were not allowed to voice their emotional and cultural legacy. Weaving history, geography, myth, philosophy, and psychoanalysis together, this book tries to understand why such atrocities were committed, how those subjected to these 'crimes' might have perceived them, and what the long-term, transgenerational consequences of these historical events are. The value of this book, however, transcends meaningfully looking at the past. It reminds us that we are all increasingly faced with the 'Other'. By taking a reflective stance, The Geography of Meanings helps the reader to overcome apparently unbridgeable conflicts and to respond with empathy, curiosity, and awe to the many differences and similarities within the human race and its experience in this world!"
- Alessandra Piontelli