The Art of Inspired Living
Coach Yourself with Positive Psychology

Paper: 978 1 85575 671 7 / $47.95
Published: March 2009  

Publisher: Karnac Books
336 pp., 5 7/8" x 9 1/8"
Series: Professional Coaching Series
This book is about learning to live your life more fully. It doesn't promise you abundant joy, the relationship of your dreams, untold riches or miracle cures. But what it does promise you is a comprehensive program of personal development, change and growth that is highly effective.

This coaching program has been developed with two audiences in mind. The first is those who wish to coach themselves to success and who are confident about achieving positive results once they know the basic framework. The second audience is those who work as coaches and who are looking for new ideas and frameworks that they can build into their existing practice. Whatever has drawn you to this book whether it is because you feel you have reached a crossroads in your life, because you have a very specific goal in mind, or because you are a coach looking for some fresh ideas there is something here for you.

Table of Contents:
List of Exercises; About the Author; Acknowledgements and Permissions; Foreword; Introduction: A Letter to the Reader; PART I: 1) Getting Down to Business with the Inspiration Inventory; 2) Developing Your Coaching MAP; PART II: PRINCIPLES OF THE ART OF INPRIRED LIVING: INTRODUCING PRINCIPLES 3) Discovering Your Mission: Knowing What You’re Here to Do; 4) Principle No 1: Honoring the Authentic You; 5) Principle No 2: Meaning Matters; 6) Principle No 3: Discovering Your Signature Strengths; 7) Principle No 4: Having the Courage to Live; 8) Discovering Your Mission: Pulling It All Together; 9) Introducing Principles 5-8: Your Attitude; 10) Principle No 5: The Power of Optimism; 11) Principle No 6: Cultivating Curiosity: Develop Your Passion for Knowledge; 12) Principle No 7: The Gift of Gratitude; 13) Principle No 8: The Power of Compassion: Anchoring Transformation in the Wisdom of the Heart; 14) Cultivating the Right Attitude; 15) Introducing Principles 9-12: Your Process; 16) Principle No 9: Transforming Your Mission into Goals; 17) Principle No 10: Essential Thinking Skills; 18) Principle No 11: Developing Your Creativity; 19) Principle No 12: Managing Your Motivation; 20) Designing Your Process: Pulling It All Together; PART III: 21) Being Inspired at Work: How to Choose Your Vocation and Love What You Do; 22) Achieving an Optimum Work-Life Balance; 23) Building Health Self-Esteem; 24) How to Have a Happy and Healthy Relationship with Your Body; 25) Building Positive Relationships; PART IV: 26) The Art of Inspired Living: Building Inspiration to Last a Lifetime; Appendices; References.

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Building upon a sound evidence base from psychology and a wealth of personal and client experience the author takes us through a self-coaching model which is both inspired and accessible. Whether you wish to dip in occasionally, or use it as a workbook, every reader will find something to stimulate their thinking and their appreciation of their own potential and uniqueness."
- Dr Annette Fillery-Travis , Professional Development Foundation
"This is a highly recommended and valuable resource both for those seeking support for their self-coaching journey as well as professional and experienced coaches who will find in its pages much-needed inspiration and ideas to further develop their capacity to beneficially impact their clients’ lives."
- Dr Michael Worrell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Programme Director Post-Graduate Diploma in CBT , Royal Holloway University of London Central and North West London Foundation Trust